The Silberstein family has been creating beautiful home interiors for more than 96 years.

At the start of what would become the roaring twenties, when New York City was absolutely the place to be, Michael Silberstein turned his back on the Big Apple, packed his bags, and headed south. Drawn to the quiet streets of the Jersey shore, Silberstein and his wife, Malvina bought a house in Rumson, and he began working at a casket upholstery shop in Red Bank.

The owner of the shop handed the business over to Silberstein in 1925. He renamed it The Upholstery Shop and provided families in the area with general reupholstery services as well as custom made furniture and window treatments, all with fabric selected from the books in Silberstein’s collection.

Throughout the 96 years, the business has seen its ups and downs, the most notable being The Great Depression. During this time, the merchants of Red Bank joined together in order to stay afloat. They bartered, borrowed, and kept running tabs with each other to ensure that none of them went out of business. All was repaid by the end of the war, which is around the time next generation owner David Silberstein began working at the store full time.

In the early 1960s when Michael Silberstein retired, David along with his brother-in-law Harry Friedman took over the business and together they changed the name to M. Silberstein Interior Design Inc. They moved to what is now the current location on Broad Street in Shrewsbury and expanded the business to provide customers with full-service interior design.

Now at the helm are third generation owners, Howard and Mindy Silberstein proudly keeping the traditions of quality workmanship and customer service -  the key ingredients to this business’s successful longevity.     

M Silberstein has worked with just about every type of living space from narrow apartments in New York City to estates lining the Navesink River. Road trips were made to Florida when loyal clients moved away and more recently, furniture was shipped to a villa in Tuscany.

When a person walks into M. Silberstein, they immediately meet either Mindy or Howard and begin working with them directly. Because our name is attached to each piece we put into a home, we strive to give each customer exactly what they envision whether it’s an entire house, one room, or just a few pillows. Most of the work is completed on premise. Having a workshop behind the showroom allows us to keep an eye on each project to ensure that everything is done correctly each step of the way.    

Mom and Pop shops are pretty rare to come by these days, but it is the values attached to this store that has kept people coming (and maybe those window displays along Rt. 35 as well). Certainly home is where the heart is, but at M. Silberstein we believe that home can be where the really great window treatments are, too.